6 Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

6 Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening
6 Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Several companies now market at-home teeth whitening products. While these options seem promising, you are unlikely to get impressive results.

Unfortunately, this is something we hear about every day from our patients looking for teeth whitening in Quincy and Norwell

Over-the-counter teeth whitening can still cost hundreds of dollars per year for subpar results! If you are looking to brighten your smile and obtain results that last, you need the best teeth whitening dentist in Quincy and Norwell. 

Here are the top benefits of professional teeth whitening:

Incredible Results

When you go to whiten your teeth, you want results! For visibly whiter teeth and a guaranteed brighter smile, you need professional teeth whitening in Quincy and Norwell. At-home options don’t provide surefire results. Sometimes they work… a little bit. Professional teeth whitening blows at-home kits out of the water in terms of results. 


Some whitening options can damage your gums and enamel unnecessarily. You won’t know for sure what’s in them, and your application method could be causing more damage. Additionally, there are post-treatment steps to take to minimize damage, and at-home kits don’t come with education. For safe, comfortable treatment, you need a teeth whitening dentist in Quincy and Norwell.

Personalized Treatment 

Not every person has the same whitening needs, but home kits are one-size-fits-all. Generic whitening options are often ill-fitting, which also leads to poorer results. Professional teeth whitening in Quincy and Norwell is personalized just for your smile and teeth, allowing you to get the shade of white you want to achieve. 

Oral Health

Proper teeth whitening from a professional can help you remove stains, keeping your teeth healthier and stronger. Additionally, the process kills bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. While you’re at the dentist, he or she will be able to see your teeth as well and make sure you’re in good oral health.

Quick Treatment 

For fast results, professional teeth whitening in Quincy and Norwell is the way to go. Instead of buying packs on packs of at-home kits and strips, you can get visibly whiter teeth in less than an hour. You don’t need two weeks’ worth of treatments. With a little home-maintenance, you get long-lasting results quickly. 


Price is the main reason that people shy away from professional teeth whitening. However, professional teeth whitening is one of the most affordable ways to transform your smile. Think about how much you spend on DIY treatments. You have to purchase more packs for minimal results, even though one round may seem cheaper, it adds up to you spending more money without getting the white smile you want. The professional teeth whitening cost in Quincy and Norwell at Advanced Dental Arts is affordable. 

Teeth Whitening Dentist in Quincy and Norwell

Experience the many benefits of professional teeth whitening at Advanced Dental Arts. Our knowledgeable team will help you get the bright, white smile you deserve in a fraction of the time as at-home options. Schedule your teeth whitening in Quincy or Norwell today by contacting Advanced Dental Arts HERE