Exciting changes

Exciting changes

I wanted to share some exciting changes that will be starting this month. It has been over 19 years since I took over both Dr. Murphy’s practice in Scituate and Dr. Hsin’s practice in Quincy, and even though I moved from Scituate to Norwell more than 5 years ago, many of you did me the honour of following me. It has truly been a privilege to get to know and serve all of you throughout the years.

Recently, I have had to face the fact that even though my head still thinks I am 30, my neck and shoulders are telling me something else. As a result, I will be focusing my attention entirely on complex dental cases involving 3 crowns or more, Implant / Gum surgeries, TMJ / Bite Disorders, Sleep Apnea, and Orthodontics.

Many of you know that I have had Associate Dentists from very early on, but I am particularly excited about the new associate Dr. Andy Lin since he and I share many things in common. We share a similar cultural background and upbringing, but most importantly similar morals and values. Dr. Lin has already demonstrated great initiative in learning our practice philosophy as well as my particular interest in patient’s bites and airways. Over the next few months, Dr. Lin will be taking over the general dentistry and day-to-day operations at both locations. I have no intention of retiring; in fact, I plan on working in Dentistry indefinitely. That is why I need to evolve and focus on areas that not only interest me but will put less strain on my neck and shoulders. I see myself doing complex dental cases and implant / gum surgeries for several more years, but eventually transitioning completely to Airway Centric procedures focusing exclusively on TMJ / Bite Disorders, Sleep Apnea, and Orthodontics.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Dr. Nathaniel Chan