How to Care for Your Teeth After a Root Canal

How to Care for Your Teeth After a Root Canal
How to Care for Your Teeth After a Root Canal

If you have teeth with extreme pulp damage, then you may need a root canal. 

What’s a root canal? 

It’s the process of removing the damaged or infected pulp and then sealing the tooth. In the end, this treatment method helps preserve your natural tooth. It helps alleviate pain and improves your oral health by eliminating decay. 

Root canals in Quincy are highly successful procedures that require minimal invasion. Still, root canal aftercare is essential for proper healing. 

Post-root canal care fosters healing and ensures a long-term solution. 

Read on for the best tips on root canal treatment post-care!

Root Canal Treatment Post-Care Immediately After

In the realm of dental procedures, root canals are definitely not the most invasive or painful. Still, you’ll experience some jaw soreness and tenderness near the tooth. Your mouth may also feel a bit strange as the feeling returns after numbing. 

Always pay close attention to the protocol the dentist gives you, especially if you have to come back for your Dental Crown or filling. If you do need to come back for that part, then you should not bite down on anything hard until the tooth is protected. 

Additionally, you may find over-the-counter pain medicine and ice helpful for managing any discomfort. 

When Can I Brush After a Root Canal?

You may be hesitant to brush your teeth after a root canal, but regular dental hygiene is a core component of post root canal care. You should start to brush and floss regularly as soon as possible. Most times, you can brush your teeth the same night as treatment. Of course, be gentle near the tooth. 

Follow Up Visit After a Root Canal 

Most times, you must return to the dentist for the installation of your permanent filling or crown. Even if you had this done all at one appointment, the dentist may want to see you again to ensure the procedure went properly. If you notice any significant pain or concerns following the root canal, then contact your dentist. You should monitor for any excessive swelling, pain, or numbness lingering for more than 24 hours. 

Root Canals Quincy

Proper root canal aftercare ensures that most root canal treatments turn out as a success. Of course, the first step is choosing an experienced dentist in Quincy. For a dental team, you can count on, Advanced Dental Arts are here to help. We offer root canals in Quincy to help you take care of your teeth. We’re here to help every step of the way, including with root canal treatment aftercare. 

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