Dentist For Seniors in Quincy & Norwell, MA

Changing Lives with a Smile

Dentist for Elderly in Quincy and Norwell

Taking care of your dental health is essential at every stage of life, but it can be increasingly challenging once you reach your golden years. Advanced Dental Arts in Quincy & Norwell, MA, offers the best senior dentistry in the area and can help you or your family member to prevent and treat dental problems. Eat, talk, and smile better with Advanced Dental Arts dentistry services for seniors.

Dentist for Seniors in Quincy and Norwell, MA

Senior Dental Care Services

Advanced Dental Arts offers a wide range of dental services for seniors. We can meet all of your oral health care dental needs and give you a beautiful and functional smile for many years. Some of our most common dental services for senior patients include:

Denture Stabilization for Senior Citizens

Our team in Quincy & Norwell, MA, helps many seniors restore their smiles with dentures. While dentures give you confidence through a beautiful smile, some seniors experience problems with denture stabilization. Even with the proper fit and strong adhesive, dentures may shift around. When dentures are unstable, they make it difficult to talk and eat. Additionally, dentures wear down your bony structure and soft tissue, making it uncomfortable to wear them.

Implant-supported dentures are more stable and prevent upper and lower jaw bone recession. Advanced Dental Arts will eliminate the discomfort of shifting dentures in a single procedure. Learn more about our denture stabilization services HERE.

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High-quality senior dental care is essential for your overall health and good quality of life. For the best elderly dental care in Quincy and Norwell, look no further. Advanced Dental Arts provides comprehensive dental services for senior citizens. Our knowledgeable team has the experience and expertise to give seniors the best possible care. Prioritize your dental health today and book your appointment today by contacting Advanced Dental Arts HERE.