Tips for Brushing Your Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tips for Brushing Your Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Removal
Tips for Brushing Your Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Removal


The majority of patients in Quincy and Norwell will undergo wisdom teeth removal surgery. This is a common procedure that many dentists recommend. Wisdom teeth do not serve a beneficial purpose, but they can disrupt your oral health in several ways. 

To ensure your mouth heals correctly after wisdom teeth extraction, you must be diligent with your dental care. Failing to keep the mouth clean may lead to complications including infection, delayed healing, and dry sockets. 

However, many patients experience significant discomfort after wisdom teeth extraction. The swelling and soreness may make you hesitant to brush your teeth. This leads to many people wondering “when can you brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal?”

Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about when and how to brush your teeth after wisdom teeth extraction. 

When Can I start Brushing Again?

The first question is “when can you brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal?”

After surgery, you’ll be quite sore. It may take several hours for the swelling in your mouth to go down as well. On the same day of surgery, you should not brush near the extraction site. 

However, you should start normal brushing again the very next day, according to the American Dental Association. You will certainly want to be careful and gentle, but you should resume full brushing the day right after wisdom tooth extraction. 

Tips For Brushing After Wisdom Tooth Removal 

Follow the instructions of your dentist regarding when to start brushing after wisdom tooth removal. Most often, they will instruct you to start brushing the next day. 

In the first two or so weeks after the surgery, you may need to be extra cautious with brushing. Here’s what you need to know about how to brush your teeth after wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Be extra careful near the extraction site. Brush slowly. 
  • Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  • Do not rush, take your time to brush thoroughly and safely. 
  • After eating or drinking, mix warm water and salt and swish it in your mouth. 
  • Use gentle (not vigorous) swishing when rinsing your mouth. 
  • Consider a milder toothpaste to avoid irritation.

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Quincy and Norwell, MA

Brushing your teeth is vital for recovery after wisdom tooth extraction. Even though it may seem frightening, you can safely brush the day after the procedure. Still, brush with care to avoid disrupting the extraction site. 

Now that you know about brushing your teeth after wisdom teeth removal, you just need an experienced dentist on your side. Advanced Dental Arts offers wisdom teeth removal in Quincy and Norwell. We can help you determine if a wisdom tooth extraction is for you, and then help you with every step of the process. For wisdom tooth extraction you can trust, visit our dental practice today. 

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