TMD Can Be Linked to Other Conditions

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TMD Can Be Linked to Other Conditions


If you have frequent jaw pain or tenderness, pain around the ears, difficulty chewing or a locked jaw that makes it hard to open and close your mouth, these are common TMJ disorder symptoms, also called TMD. Certain conditions have been linked to TMD, including bruxism and chronic stress.

Because there can be many causes of TMD, we invite you to come see Dr. to identify the probable cause and optimal solutions for your condition. Because no two conditions of TMD are the same, it’s important to speak with our dentist without delay to understand your condition. Oftentimes, bruxism is associated with a condition of TMD because it compels you to grind your teeth every night.

Discomfort involving TMD symptoms can be associated with chronic stress, and we offer a few treatment strategies to help you manage your stress levels. Chronic stress can often make TMD and bruxism worse, which is why reduced stress levels are good for oral health. Receiving adequate sleep is an important step to managing your stress and TMD, especially if you sleep on your back to keep pressure off your jaw. We recommend using a pillow that is firm enough to retain the proper alignment of your head, neck and shoulders, but also soft enough that it doesn’t prevent your muscles from relaxing.

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